The SCICOMM 25 (June 2016)



Welcome to the SCICOMM 25!

This is where I pull together 25 (or more) of the most talked about science communication stories, determined by the engagement rate of stories I’ve shared on Twitter. Many are written by the world’s leading science communicators.

Some offer tips and advice, while others tackle important issues we need to discuss and debate. All of them are worth checking out.

I hope you enjoy this month’s list, which includes posts I found during the month of June 2016.

Top Stories:

  1. Be a professional, but also be a total geek. A great piece on work/life balancing act on Twitter.
  2. The Senate’s scientific divide. 
  3. 76 science songs, in 1 blog post. A feast for the ears & the mind.
  4. How academics and researchers can get more out of social media. 
  5. The verdict: Is blogging or tweeting about research papers worth it?
  6. 5 tips on getting your 1st journal paper published. 
  7. 5 helpful hints for writing at night. 
  8. A short history of science communication – An infographic.
  9. In a dramatic statement, European leaders call for ‘immediate’ open access to scientific papers by 2020. 
  10. for the public good!
  11. Eliminating tenure isn’t the answer…modernizing it by valuing outreach would be nice, though.
  12. Cell phone radiation is still safer than viral science stories. 
  13. If science is going to save the world, we need to make it open. 
  14. Science launches the 2016 ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ contest. 
  15. New roles for science blogs in shifting sci-pub landscape.
  16. Universities need to communicate much more effectively about science. 
  17. Hunt and the Hunted: An in-depth look at the fallout of his comments a year later. 
  18. Why is scientific sexism so intractably resistant to reform?
  19. The art of science communication: How to write well about science.
  20. The importance of scientific discovery and communication for a general scientific audience .
  21. How much time do you spend writing?
  22. The NASW and the looming rift in science journalism. 
  23. How to get your point across in 3 minutes or less.
  24. Would you (dis)trust a scientist who discusses ethical implications of research in a science blog?
  25. Brexit big blow to UK science, say top British scientists.

Honorable Mention:

  1. Why ‘context’ is important for research. 
  2. What are the challenges of open peer review? 
  3. The must-have tools of a young science communicator.
  4. Getting bias out of peer review is still a struggle. 
  5. How to diagram a great science story. 
  6. Science journalism’s identity crisis. 
  7. This is how scientists are reacting to Brexit. 
  8. Working together on the future of research communication.
  9. How do scientists tell (their) stories? 
  10. Wondering what the site ‘Undark’ is…well, wonder no more.
  11. Would setting aside 3% of your budget for scicomm change science?  
  12. The only thing harder than doing science is writing a peer reviewed paper.
  13. “He thinks he’s untouchable”: Sexual harassment case exposes renowned ebola scientist. 
  14. Scary headlines about cell phone-cancer link fail to mention rats. 
  15. What does it mean to “do science”?
  16. Patience with the peer review process. 
  17. Media relations: Still important. 
  18. Accurate science or accessible science in the media – why not both?
  19. One reason scientists and science writers want to talk about Game of Thrones. 
  20. Health journalism has a serious evidence problem. Here’s a plan to save it.
  21. Seriously, stop with the irresponsible reporting on cellphones and cancer. 
  22. Going to graduate school is a giant gamble that’s worth the risk. 
  23. Researchers deplore U.K. decision to leave the European Union. 
  24. Why aren’t there more women in science?
  25. Academic publishing: Toward a new model. 
  26. Is photoshopping science universally wrong?
  27. If you blog, will you lose your job? 

How Your Work Can Make The List:

Being considered for the SCICOMM 25 is simple. When you write something great, let me know by tweeting me a link. (@kirkenglehardt) I’ll check it out, and if I think it’s a good fit for the SCICOMM community, I’ll share it in a tweet. If it captures enough attention, as determined by the Twitter analytics on my account, it will make it into the next top 25. This isn’t a perfect system for identifying the ‘most talked about’ science communication stories, but it’s the best I can do with the limited time I have to pull this together. So tweet me!

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