The SCICOMM 25 (Nov. 2016)

Image (2) SCICOMM-25-300x280.png for post 1623The SCICOMM 25 is Back!

This is where I pull together 25 (or more) of the most talked about science communication stories, determined by the engagement rate of stories I’ve shared on Twitter. Many are written by the world’s leading science communicators.

Some offer tips and advice, while others tackle important issues we need to discuss and debate. All of them are worth checking out.

I hope you enjoy this month’s list, which includes posts I found during the month of November 2016.

Top Stories:

  1. A Shifting Tide: Recommendations for Incorporating Science Communication into Graduate Training.
  2. Scientific writing: A very short cheat sheet.…
  3. 9 Tips For Communicating Science To People Who Are Not Scientists.
  4. How to turn your research findings into a video that people actually want to watch.…
  5. Quit Social Media. But If You Want to Spread Science, Use Social Media.
  6. The Transition to Sci Comm.
  7. Please don’t “make science transparent” by publishing your reviews.
  8. Top 10 YouTube science channels to enlighten and entertain.
  9. Why science news embargoes are bad for the public.…
  10. How Hard Would it Be for Trump to Dismantle the EPA?
  11. Scientists ride the podcasting wave.
  12. Five ways science communication can help you.
  13. Boaty McBoatface – Part Deux – With Grit.…
  14. Bullied out of research.…
  15. The chaos of scientific advice: Why it’s so hard for politicians to ‘get’ science.…
  16. Social Media Accelerates Science.…
  17. Why you should make public engagement a priority.…
  18. How to Avoid Being Duped by Sham Science.
  19. No, the public hasn’t had enough of experts – or evidence.
  20. Does the public really need more science knowledge?
  21. Beyond citations: Why scientists need to engage with the public.
  22. This is unfortunate: Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in a crackdown on ‘politicized science’.
  23. Integration of communications and scholarly roles can help academics become successful digital influencers.
  24. What does Trump win mean for US science?
  25. (So many people missing.) 10 women who are strong science communicators.

Honorable Mention:

  1. Science and Politics Post-Election: Where Do We Go From Here? Lessons from Carl Sagan.
  2. There’s no way around it: Donald Trump is going to be a disaster for the planet.
  3. What the Trump win means for tech, science, and beyond.
  4. What is a “good” science demonstration?
  5. Shadow of ignorance veiling society despite more science communication.
  6. Scientists are tweeting #ThanksNASA after the incoming administration threatens cuts.
  7. Canada warns U.S. about the future of science.…
  8. The Top 10 Websites for Science in 2016.…
  9. Science communication: A foot in the door.…
  10. 12 Lessons from Science Writers 2016 in San Antonio.
  11. By engaging with the media academics can enjoy benefits to their research.
  12. Scientific language is becoming more informal.
  13. Science must speak people’s everyday lives.
  14. Bringing science to audiences; what do they take away?
  15. Obama is worried about fake news on social media – and we should be too.
  16. “It’s so very broken.” Rachael Dunlop on the state of scholarly communications.…
  17. They may not like it, but scientists must work with Donald Trump.…
  18. Altmetrics, ‘Altmetric,’ and Science Communication.
  19. M*A*S*H actor Alan Alda visits UT, explores science communication.
  20. How to calm your nerves before a big presentation.

How Your Work Can Make The List:

Being considered for the SCICOMM 25 is simple. When you write something great, let me know by tweeting me a link. (@kirkenglehardt) I’ll check it out, and if I think it’s a good fit for the SCICOMM community, I’ll share it in a tweet. If it captures enough attention, as determined by the Twitter analytics on my account, it will make it into the next top 25. This isn’t a perfect system for identifying the ‘most talked about’ science communication stories, but it’s the best I can do with the limited time I have to pull this together. So tweet me!

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