The SCICOMM 25 (Dec. 2016)

Image (2) SCICOMM-25-300x280.png for post 1623Welcome To The SCICOMM 25!

This is where I pull together 25 (or more) of the most talked about science communication stories, determined by the engagement rate of stories I’ve shared on Twitter. Many are written by the world’s leading science communicators.

Some offer tips and advice, while others tackle important issues we need to discuss and debate. All of them are worth checking out.

This Month’s Top Stories:

  1. When You’re The Scientist In The Family Https://T.Co/9mzqjxmvw3
  2. Department Of Energy Defies Trump, Won’t Name Climate Change Workers Https://T.Co/Uwvnuolpru
  3. The Real Plague Affecting Science Research? It Isn’t Fraud. Https://T.Co/2zsndbliah
  4. Outbreak Of Dunning-Kruger Disease Spreads To All 50 States. Https://T.Co/Xapgmvxpfe
  5. Scientists Prepare To Fight For Their Work During ‘The Trumpocene’ Https://T.Co/Dtlyyzswrw
  6. AAAS CEO To Young Scientists: Speak Up. Keep Focused. Carry On. Https://T.Co/Dnu7ffuuc3
  7. Online Science Communication And The Importance Of Empathy.  Https://T.Co/9vbtz3vzlt
  8. Climate Change Skepticism Fueled By Gut Reaction To Local Weather (Or ‘It Didn’t Rain Today, Must Be A Drought’) Https://T.Co/23bqmvwdev
  9. Does It Matter If Donald Trump Has A Science Adviser? Https://T.Co/Mtxcc7vnmw
  10. Better Science Communication Is Critical, The New Yorker’s Michael Specter Argues Https://T.Co/Rszjzdpi43
  11. What Does Research Say About How To Effectively Communicate About Science? Https://T.Co/Oqj0hsoxld
  12. Trump’s Victory Shows That Scientists Need To Engage More With The Public. Https://T.Co/97jozri4kq
  13. Over 2,000 Scientists Urge Trump To Respect Scientific Integrity And Independence. Https://T.Co/Wgpveoupjj
  14. NORAD’s Santa Tracker Began With A Typo And A Good Sport Https://T.Co/wxoyni4ve
  15. How To Convince Someone When Facts Fail – Scientific American Https://T.Co/Fcl3dUuuK9
  16. Bill Nye In His 9th Grade Science Class. Https://T.Co/69hfxrckyn
  17. Science Paper Rejected? Buy Space In The New York Times. Https://T.Co/Zkaxt6xw6z
  18. Pres. Obama Wrote The Year’s Most Talked-About Science Paper. Https://T.Co/Tboxftj9rx
  19. New Report Recommends Research Agenda For Effective Science Communication.  Https://T.Co/Dtajaqtzxp
  20. Science Graduates Need Thinking And Communication Skills To Get A Job Https://T.Co/Dvizwwbcsv
  21. The True Story Of How Teen Vogue Got Mad, Got Woke, And Began Terrifying Men Like Donald Trump. Https://T.Co/Mx2pBDIYYl
  22. Does Combatting Quackery And Pseudoscience Through Rational Argument And Ridicule Work? Https://T.Co/9vkrnnx7cx
  23. Communicating Science: What Can We Do Better? Https://T.Co/86qrs5ooxd
  24. Science Has Experience Fighting Fake News And Facebook Should Take Note. Https://T.Co/Z5gvasf7aw
  25. Gone in 2016: 10 Notable Women in Science and Technology.


Being considered for the SCICOMM 25 is simple. When you write something great, let me know by tweeting me a link. (@kirkenglehardt) I’ll check it out, and if I think it’s a good fit for the SCICOMM community, I’ll share it in a tweet. If it captures enough attention, as determined by the Twitter analytics on my account, it will make it into the next top 25. This isn’t a perfect system for identifying the ‘most talked about’ science communication stories, but it’s the best I can do with the limited time I have to pull this together. So tweet me!

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3 thoughts on “The SCICOMM 25 (Dec. 2016)

  1. Dear Kirk, thanks for the great list! The “T.Co.” links do not seem to work, or is it just me?
    Have a great start in 2017!


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