The SCICOMM 25 (Feb. 2017)

Image (2) SCICOMM-25-300x280.png for post 1623Welcome To The SCICOMM 25!

This is where I pull together 25 (or more) of the most talked about science communication stories, determined by the engagement rate of stories I’ve shared on Twitter. Many are written by the world’s leading science communicators.

Some offer tips and advice, while others tackle important issues we need to discuss and debate. All of them are worth checking out.

  1. Comical Sympathy Cards for Scientists.
  2. Scientists Need to Stop ‘Othering’ the General Public.
  3. Science Achieves Little if it Stays in the Lab.
  4. International Science Collaboration is Growing at an Astonishing Rate.
  5. A Communications Expert Explains How Science Should Respond to Fake News.
  6. How to Fight the War on Science and Win.
  7.  Speaks on ‘The Mistrust of Science’ – Read His Full 2016 Speech here:
  8. Updated: Major U.S. Science Groups Endorse March for Science.
  9. How to Keep Up With the Scientific Literature.
  10. NPR’s Joe Palca Takes On Jargon And The Politics Of Science.
  11. How to Pitch to a Science Editor.
  12. More Young Scientists See Social Media Platforms as a Way to Engage the Public & Clear Up Misinformation.
  13. “Hi, I’m an #ActualLivingScientist” – Check Out What Happened on Twitter.
  14. How to Spot a Fake Science News Story.
  15. Some of the Wonderfully Geeky Signs From the ‘Stand Up For Science’ Rally.
  16. Shouting From the Ivory Tower: SciComm for Beginners.
  17. Online Science Communication and the Importance of Empathy.
  18. Engage With Your Audience – Be Creative – The EU Guide to Science Communication.
  19. Here’s Why Academics Should Write for the Public.
  20. Tyson: U.S. Science Illiteracy a Serious Threat.
  21. Your Essential ‘How-to’ Guide to Choosing Article Titles. 
  22. Facts are the Reason Science is Losing the Current War on Reason.
  23. Do Storytellers Make the Most Influential Scientific Researchers?
  24. Promote Your Research on the Web.
  25. Do’s and Don’ts for Scientists Who Want to Shape Policy 


Being considered for the SCICOMM 25 is simple. When you write something great, let me know by tweeting me a link. (@kirkenglehardt) I’ll check it out, and if I think it’s a good fit for the SCICOMM community, I’ll share it in a tweet. If it captures enough attention, as determined by the Twitter analytics on my account, it will make it into the next top 25. This isn’t a perfect system for identifying the ‘most talked about’ science communication stories, but it’s the best I can do with the limited time I have to pull this together. So tweet me!

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