Higher Ed Highlights #4: Stories for University Communications and Marketing Professionals

Keeping up on higher education and Marcom trends is important for those of us working in university relations roles. I have started saving some of the stories that seem most relevant and/or interesting, archiving them here on marcommunique.com in a new series I call Higher Ed Highlights.

New editions of Higher Ed Highlights will be published as often as time permits. Let me know what you think.


Feature: Building a Strong Higher Ed Marketing and Communication Team

“I have a great team at Columbia Chicago. It’s a great team mostly for reasons that have nothing to do with me, primarily because it’s made up of smart, talented, fun people who are committed to doing great work.

That said, building a strong culture requires a commitment. It requires intentionality. And it requires support from a leader, which is where I can contribute. Here are a few of the principles and practices we’ve developed to create and maintain a strong team culture.”

More Stories:


Feature: Trump administration says it can cut billions by scaling back reimbursement for overhead costs. University groups say that funding is essential to conducting research.

“When President Trump proposed a cut of nearly 20 percent in support for the National Institutes of Health, many wondered how the administration would even attempt to find such reductions. The answer emerged in the congressional testimony last week of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who argued the government could save billions without hurting research by cutting back on the overhead reimbursements to colleges and universities.”

More Stories:

What do you think of this series? Is it useful? Do you have suggestions for making it even better? Let me know.


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