The SCICOMM 25 (April 2017 Recap)

Welcome To The SCICOMM 25!

This is where I pull together 25 (or more) of the most talked about science communication stories, determined by the engagement rate of stories I’ve shared on Twitter. Many are written by the world’s leading science communicators.

Some offer tips and advice, while others tackle important issues we need to discuss and debate. All of them are worth checking out.

  1. Science Communication and Social Marketing
  2. Scientists, Stop Trying to Explain Science and Do This Instead
  3. Historians Say the March for Science is Pretty Unprecedented
  4. A University Course Designed to Teach Critical Thinking Has Been Successful in Dispelling Conspiracy Theories
  5. The Next Generation of Science Outreach
  6. Defending Science: How the Art of Rhetoric Can Help 
  7. How Broken is Academia, and How Can We Fix It?
  8. Video: Communicating Science – Facts Matter – @CaulfieldTim Says It’s Time to Double Down on Science
  9. It’s Not Just You: Science Papers are Getting Harder to Read
  10. Women of Robotics (a Georgia Tech Feature Story!) 
  11. Will Science Once Again be Regarded With Suspicion by a Society That Feels Excluded and Apathetic?
  12. Why Scientists Must Share Their Failures
  13. Why Expertise Matters
  14. The War on Science is a War on America’s future
  15. Climate and Communication: Takeaways From the Alan Alda Communication Center Workshop
  16. With New Editor Joe Brown, Popular Science is Using a Trojan Horse Strategy to Take on Science Skeptics
  17. Tenure can withstand Twitter: We Need Policies That Promote Science Communication
  18. The Best Thing for Science Communication Might Not (Always) Be Science Communication
  19. Alan Alda’s Crusade to Make Science Talk a Jargon-Free Zone
  20. The Seven Deadly Sins of Statistical Misinterpretation, and How to Avoid Them
  21. A New Gold Standard of Peer Review is Needed
  22. Hey Scientist! Are You Ready to Talk to the Media?
  23. The New Oprah Movie About Henrietta Lacks Reopens a Big Scientific Debate
  24. 20 Common Myths That Climate Scientists Often Hear
  25. I Never Thought I’d be Marching for Science
  26. BONUS – Want Better Science? Listen to Scientists
  27. BONUS – Hurdles to Communicating Science & Strategies to Overcome Them


Being considered for the SCICOMM 25 is simple. When you write something great, let me know by tweeting me a link. (@kirkenglehardt) I’ll check it out, and if I think it’s a good fit for the SCICOMM community, I’ll share it in a tweet. If it captures enough attention, as determined by the Twitter analytics on my account, it will make it into the next top 25. This isn’t a perfect system for identifying the ‘most talked about’ science communication stories, but it’s the best I can do with the limited time I have to pull this together. So tweet me!

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