About the Blog & Editor

What is Marcommunique?

This is a blog about marketing and communication strategies for education and science. Strategic marketing and communication involve understanding your audience and developing/delivering messages that resonate and change people’s perception and actions. It also requires us to think about communication as a system – a system of people, messages, tools, etc. – in which all parts work together to achieve a goal.

In this blog, you’ll read stories about communication at the intersection of academia and research. This includes everything from social media to media relations to personal and organizational branding to university marketing and communication to scholarly communication to research/science communication to STEM education…and beyond.

I have written many of the articles, but I also share thought-provoking pieces written by others. Over time, this blog will be a deep repository of great information related to education and research communication.

The opinions expressed in this blog are my own (and/or those of the authors noted in republished pieces), and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of my current employer or any of my past employers. I do this in my spare time because I enjoy writing about communication and connecting with others interested in the topic.

Engage, Comment and Participate in the Discussion:

This blog is also a chance for me to continue learning, through your comments and suggestions – so share them, please! …and don’t be afraid to set me straight if you think I’m wrong.

I also look forward to your suggestions for topics you’d like me to check out. So comment on the posts and/or reach out to me directly.

Twitter: @kirkenglehardt

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kirkenglehardt

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